Masks Don't Have To Be Boring

Masks Don't Have To Be Boring

The past 6 months have been a trying time for everyone.  The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to change the way we work and play.  However, life must go on.  And in order for life to go on, we all need masks.  Masks don’t only protect you, they protect those around you as well.  While some see masks as oppressive and drab, there is no reason why they cannot be a way to express your own sense of style.  The Calla museum series masks are printed with some of the most famous paintings in the world.  These bold, colorful prints add a sense of sophistication and whimsy to whatever you are wearing.  On the functional side, these masks feature triple layer construction, adjustable ear loops, and a 100% cotton inner panel. This pandemic will eventually end, but until that happens, we all need to do our part.  But there is no reason why we cannot look good while we are doing it.  Find Calla museum series masks in the Nupouch store.

America is blessed with some of the most magnificent National Parks in the world.  The majesty of these places can be awe inspiring.  Last summer my family and I were lucky enough to be able to visit Zion National Park in southern Utah.  Red cliff faces, magnificent canyons, and the beauty of nature take your breath away.  One of the most famous hikes at Zion is called “The Narrows”.  This hike takes you through a narrow slot canyon that is just tens of feet across with walls hundreds of feet high.  You spend a fair amount of time hiking through the river and you need the right gear.  In the summer, all you need are hiking poles and a pair of shoes with sturdy soles.  Your shoes will get wet and so will your socks.  Wet socks are generally unpleasant and provide no protection from the cold river water.  Nufoot booties are the perfect thing to wear.  These are like wetsuits for your feet.   Use with hiking boots to protect against irritation and keep your feet warm.  Use with sport sa

Who doesn’t like beach vacations?  The sun, the tropical breeze, the pool, the ocean - What’s not to like?  Flip flops are the footwear of choice for many, but for others they just come up short.  If you want to protect your feet in the ocean, flip flops can easily come off.  The straps can be painful for some.  In addition, you style...